Helen Badge Jewellery launches new website

On the 25th of July 2011, I launched the first Helen Badge Jewellery online store. And when I say – I launched it – I mean I sat in my flat (no doubt in my pajamas) marveling at my beautiful website – but wondering if I would ever sell anything. Would customers buy jewellery without seeing it – or trying it on – from a website?!

The answer came and pretty quickly. My first online sale, just two days later was an antique ruby and pearl ring. I danced around the room – had a cup of tea – and figured it was time to get dressed and go out and find more jewellery to sell.

Today, more than 6 years later – my wonderful website is Australia’s number 1 choice for couples hunting for Art Deco engagement rings, special antique sapphire rings and gorgeous antique jewellery.

This new design is now its third incaranation and it is looking better than ever. And crucially the security is top notch.

My web designers Phase have done a magnificent job and put up with me constantly wanting more and wanting it now!

But there has not been a day over the past 6 years that I haven’t thought of my mother Helen Badge. She would have been just so thrilled to not have to trek into a shop everyday. Roaming around the world buying and selling online would have been her idea of heaven. Thanks Mum.

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